Cat Grooming


Generally, cat’s are quite good at grooming themselves. They are very concerned about their appearance and will lick themselves clean. However, there are sometime when you may wish to assist your kitty by brushing or bathing him, I will also discuss nail clipping.

You will want to do these things, but not too often. There are certain things that you should look for in your cat to make sure that she is grooming herself well and doesn’t need assistance. For example, if her fur has gotten matted, it either means she’s very dirty, or she has been neglecting cleaning herself. Cats are very particular about being clean, so if she is neglecting grooming, then either she is very old, or something is wrong and you should take her to the vet. If the cat is simply very dirty, then comb through the matting as best you can, and then give her a bath as described below.

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